As we are all aware this last 2 months have been anything but ordinary and no one could have predicted the situation this country and indeed the world have found ourselves in, and as some restrictions now start to be eased we are of course at a very testing time in the whole process.


Here at Wake and Ski boats, with the travel restrictions and the lake closures around the UK implemented in March had no alternative but to furlough the company on March 23rd, having spent the previous week securing and ensuring all boats of customers and ours were safe for any duration period of no activity at HQ.


This has of course taken its toll on what would normally have been our ‘boom’ time for working, ensuring all boats done ready for staged collections throughout April / May.  Whereas now they are still here, and no one able to collect or drop off their boats for work for the last 8 weeks.


After the announcement on Sunday by the government and further consultation at BWSW Board level as some of you may or may not be aware the decision to open some lakes and ski clubs for a return to the sport we all love is now starting to be implemented throughout the country albeit with certain, sometimes massive restrictions to our known ‘normal’


To this end we have also now started to look at our own business re-opening structure and been busy this week preparing to re-open officially on Monday next week 18th May.  (Subject to any changes of course )


We will be operating at a much reduced capacity due to certain key staff members having child care issues and as we value our staff greatly here at Wake and Ski Boats, we are putting in plans to enable them to a staggered return to work and to reduce working hours to accommodate.  This will of course impact our efficiency certainly early on, and with a back log of work not carried out, we do expect unfortunately to not be able to offer everyone a quick back on the water turn around with such a work load and limited resources. To add to this, we have also had to put into place safe working practices to enable both workshop and customers to operate together.  These are quite extensive but are highlighted below


Workshop zoned off from customers, no access without prior permission and accompanied at social distance standards.


Separate entrance for customers into showroom


Hand sanitization areas and wipe down areas for all customers / staff use at key communal contact points, ie door handles, coffee machine etc.


Bathroom updates to include disposable sanitation for all.


In addition to the above we will also have to implement a structure to allow only 1 household set of customers at any point, so any boats being collected / dropped off we will be requesting to either be dropped off outside of our working hours and left, or alternatively to be done at an arranged time, to allow the workshop to prepare for their arrival and to prevent any cross over of other customers. Upon arrival boats should be unhooked where told, and left for us to then clean / and move to their location.

Any showroom / office time to be carried out within the correct social distancing guidelines and under strict guidance from myself and / or staff.

Same will be applied for any / all collections and of course boat sales viewing again to be by appointment made in advance, to prevent any overspill of customers.


Sadly this does mean that for many the highlight of a Friday afternoon meeting like minded people, having a good brew and catch up in our showroom whilst collecting / dropping off their pride and joys, which is something I love for those that know me, will for the certain immediate duration have to not happen… I’m sure those halcyon days will return, but just not yet.


To enable this to happen smoothly and to ensure we can carry out work to as an efficient manner as possible, we kindly ask for your cooperation during this time, in ensuring visits and appointment times are kept to,  patience is shown when trying to book boats in, arrange jobs etc as with staff shortages I will also be helping out in the workshop etc.


If during this time you struggle to get through on phone, email or text will be replied as soon as possible.


We can not stress enough that we value each and every one of our customers and having been involved with so many of you for 30 years nearly we share the eagerness some of you will have to be back on the water, we share the fears some of you will have of being at lakes / communal boating areas, and we long for some normality back, and to be the sociable sport we all love and enjoy.

However times are not normal, as such we have all to be aware of everybody else, be patient and enjoy whatever limited time we can get safely on the water, this will include abiding by restrictions put in place by many clubs, and not all clubs will be the same with regards to this,  respect your club, respect other members.  Stay Safe AND Keep Others Safe.


Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to talking to you over the coming weeks and working hard to ensure any time on the water you can have is helped along once more by Wake and Ski Boats UK.


Thank you and Kind Regards


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